The History of Hédiard

Hédiard is a French luxury food brand. Founded in 1854, it has a main store in Paris and 200 stores around the world. Hédiard is an expert in the taste, selection and creation of gastronomic products. It has shared its passion and its style with its customers since 1854, and does so now at the gourmet tastings it hosts in its 30 Parisian shops.  It stayed in the family until 1987, when it was acquired by Guinness.

 Orcofi Holdings Ownership

Hédiard was then acquired by French businessman Jean-Louis Masurel then sold to Orcofi Holdings in 1991.  Insurance giant AXA negotiated the sale for Orcofi to Monegasque billionaire Michel Pastor in 1995. It was acquired by Luxadvor Russian billionaire Sergey Pugachyov in 2007. As of 2013, it had stores in 30 countries globally.  Hédiard filed for bankruptcy in 2013. It was acquired by Do & Co in June 2014.



Birth of Ferdinand Hediard in La Loupe, a village near Chartres.


Ferdinand Hediard settles down his first shop in Notre Dame de Lorette street in Paris named “Comptoir d’epices et des colonies” (spices and colonies counter)


First Universal Exhibition in Paris. Hediard becomes officially well-known with a publication in “L’officiel”


Wedding of Ferdinand Hediard wih Marguerite Martin; Birth of Marie-Blanche two years later.

Opening of the Madeleine boutique 21, place de la Madeleine.


Death of Ferdinand Hediard, the “traveler immobile”


Jean and Germaine Kusel, Ferdinand Hediard’s grand children continue to manage the company after his death. The first gifts compositions are created.


Hediard begins to expand with branches in Paris and points-of-sale all over France.


First implantation in Japan.


Orcofi Holdings acquires the company.


Michel Pastor takes control of the company


Opening of the restaurant “La Table d’Hediard”, place de la Madeleine


5 integrated boutiques in Paris, 20 boutiques and more than 100 retailers in France, 20 boutiques and more than 200 retailers worldwide.


Serguei Pugatchev’s Luxadvor takes control of the company.