Le Tanneur & Cie

1898: Birth of the brand Le Tanneur

At the dawn of the XXth century, a tanner and a leather goods manufacturer are joining forces to create a money purse, the “seamless”, so groundbreaking that you keep seeing it in stores today.

Quality of leathers, modernity, LE TANNEUR quickly becomes a reference in the leather goods industry. From the 30s, the brand almost has a stranglehold on the high-end market.

1960: Le Tanneur on French roads

In the 60s, LE TANNEUR is advertising on walls of farms on all the roads of the French countryside: “LE TANNEUR, beautiful leather gifts”. Thanks to this wide-scale campaign, Le TANNEUR becomes incredibly popular. And it still is today.

1998: Le Tanneur 100 years later

From 1950, the brand has diversified its production: briefcases, attaché cases, clutch bags… then, in the 70s, bags for working ladies. A century after its birth, the small tanner becomes a prestigious name, with complete collections always combining together traditional know-how and luxury fabrics, classicism and modernism.

2004: Le Tanneur launches its commission-based affiliation system

The distribution now requires modernization and that is why LE TANNEUR invented a new trade, upmarket manufacturer in small money purses, billfolds… With a network of a dozen of stores and expertise in supply management, LE TANNEUR is setting up its franchise commission-based affiliation system.

2007: a dynamic network

Le Tanneur found its place in the distribution sector and on December 31st 2007 has 31 stores under its name in France. The opening of the flagship store in the prestigious historical centre of Paris, at the Carrousel du Louvre, was an important time of the year 2007. The image of Le Tanneur becomes glamorous and trendy as the brand is now present in many renowned fashion magazines: ELLE, Marie Claire, Madame Figaro, Glamour… Abroad, the Group put its trusts in its Japanese subsidiary to develop a concept of contemporary up-market stores. A shop in shop opens in Shinjuku, a bustling district of Tokyo symbolizing Japanese modernity where you can try on the products of the collections.

2008: innovations at Le Tanneur

Le Tanneur has a large collection for men, from the beggar’s bag to the briefcase for businessmen and decides to add a touch of fashion in the world of men. Several new lines are created to satisfy modern and trendy men. Leather and cloth or all leather, new models with new forms, luxury fabrics and classy colors. A partnership with a renowned airline company: Air France, comes as a dynamic addition in the start of 2008. A co-signature “Air France by Le Tanneur” that combines the efficiency of a famous airline company and the taste and « savoir-faire » of a renowned leather goods manufacturer. Common creativity that gives birth to three lines of supple goods and three lines of rigid goods.

Source: letanneuretcie.com