Philippe Model

The Artist

Philippe Model is not only the trademark but also the name of the most appreciated milliner by the stylists. Born in Sens, France, he began to design hats as an autodidact, later he succeeded in working at the Maison Riva MArchesi as milliner, then, at the famous Madame Paulette. In 1981 he launched his griffe and even if his articles were totally countertendency compared with the style of that period which considered the cap quite out of fashion, Philippe Model had a great success and big stylists such as Gaultier, Mugler, Miyake and Montana were enthusiastic about him. At the same time he launched his own line of glovels, bags and shoes.

The product

The success of Philippe Model’ shoes is undoubtedly due to the refined and elegant style of the product, to the washed leathers and to the great value represented by the artisan tradition that characterizes the product. Every production stage is entrusted to a company in Riviera del Brenta ( well-known area of high quality shoes production not far from Venice) where the shoes production is followed since the process of cutting leathers, through the manual shoe-sole assemblage to the brushing uppers that craftsmen do for every single shoe. The aseptic production system of industrialization does not infect the way we work, on the contrary, it can be characterized by some little differences between a shoe and another one; this fact should not be considered as a defect but the natural result of the manual labour which is never a mass production.

The plan

The Philippe Model’s project has recovered his magnificence when Paolo Gambato, a well-known Italian designer, met, by chance, the génie français . Thanks to that meeting we can assist to a creative exchange where the Italian creative genius is joint to the French bonton. The first shoe, created by the two artists is called “Paris” in order to pay tribute to the city in which the stylist Philippe Model began his career. From that moment outlandish ideas in terms of style and colour-matching continue to follow one other.